Image is presenting Hprox Dashboard
Image is presenting Hprox Dashboard

Turn your IP address into
an automatic moneymaker

Join the hprox network and get paid for every byte that flows through
your internet connection.
Simply download and launch the desktop application!

Transparent security by design

Hprox exclusively supports the HTTPS protocol. All traffic between web users and your computer is encrypted. That means hprox clients can access only your IP address -- and that’s all. No files, no data, no nothing.

Likewise, the only thing you will know about other network members is how much data they access via your connection. You will not store anything else.

Verify it all for yourself -- the hprox desktop app is completely open source.

How it works?

You get 50 % of all revenue generated through your IP addres

For every GB of data accessed via your IP address, hprox charges 0,99 US cents -- of which you keep 0,495 US cents. Transactions are settled in BST, a crypto coin from our partners at BlockStamp. You can spend your BST browsing the web through hprox, save it, or trade it for assets or fiat currencies on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

The world’s fairest proxy network

Earn money sharing your IP.

    You can withdraw your BST at any time and in any amount you want.

1GB = 
0.5 USD

Still not convinced? Estimate your income!
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