Why You Need a “Honest Tech” Plan B for Residential Proxies

Oct 25, 2019

If you do a little thinking (could be risky!) you’ll probably realize that the basic reason you need residential proxies is kind of pessimistic.

That reason is that some of the biggest tech companies have rigged the internet in their favor.

Sure, you can try use the internet to promote your business interests or get the data you need.

But you can’t be certain you’re getting the most value from it. You might be getting geoblocked or being shown manipulated content, for example…. to benefit someone else’s business model.

You can use a residential proxy to fight back and use the internet the way it was meant to be…. with no arbitrary restrictions.

But the story doesn’t end there. How you fight back with residential proxy matters — and will matter more moving forward.

Many of the residential proxy providers on today’s market are taking a “fight dishonesty with dishonesty” approach

We’ve already described what this dishonesty looks like in the residential proxy market. One the leading residential proxy providers gets its residential IPs by providing “free” software to IP providers (aka IP theft victims).

Here’s another example of this shadiness.

TrendMicro, a leading internet security company, has flagged this free software as a security threat.

If you’re buying residential proxy services from them, should you care?

Maybe not just yet. But where do you think this story ends up?

We’d say it is pretty likely that this house of cards collapses in the next few years.

So you better have a good plan B lined up to fight Big Tech with Honest Tech

Your plan B shouldn’t be to find another dishonest residential proxy provider, as then you’ll have the same problem sooner or later.

Be smart and fight dishonesty with honesty. Specifically, choose a residential proxy that transparently pays its IP providers, like us.

Practically speaking, you can probably get away with using shady providers for a while longer.

The residential proxy status quo has been shady for some time (check out this article from a few years ago that describes the problem) and things probably won’t change overnight.

Do what you have to do, but think ahead and reduce your exposure. Scale down your reliance on the risky business model and start scaling up your usage of a more honest provider like us.

Otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a business interruption when the shady house of cards collapses. Business problems like these tend to develop slowly — until they don’t.

Hedge your residential proxy bets!