Hprox Rocks On at European Start-up Days

Oct 31, 2019

Earlier this week, Hprox was proud to be one of 100 promising Polish startups exhibiting at the European Startup Days conference in Katowice, Poland!

Start-ups in today’s hottest sectors like Blockchains, AI, and VR/AR were all there.

And of course we were there with tomorrow’s hottest digital deliverable: total, untrackable access to the web!

We had a couple of interviews with leading Polish media publications on site that will be published soon. We also lined up several more that we will do over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here are a couple of quick takeaways from the discussions we had with the tech-savvy attendees.

Most people were aware of privacy and censorship issues, but they haven’t really become pain points in Europe — yet.

Nobody we talked to necessarily liked the idea of being tracked or being censored. And while they haven’t felt too badly affected by such things yet — they see the writing on the wall.

The EU copyright directive is coming soon! It could be that accessing content without unnecessary interference will require hopping over to another country’s ISP with a privacy tool like ours.

Which brings us to the second takeaway:

Most attendees were familiar with the concept of VPNs… but not the rather poor outlook for their future.

A lot of the people we talked to were familiar with — if not clients of — VPN service providers.

They also had an excellent basic understanding of machine learning and AI, which was one of the sexiest topics covered by speakers at the event.

But they hadn’t always thought about what advanced AI will do to VPNs!

That is to say, for tomorrow’s powerful computers, blocking VPNs will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Fortunately, as computing power gets more powerful so will the popularity of networks of residential proxies. They are virtually impossible to block even if a big tech company wanted to — and they won’t want to.

Watch this space for more updates when our interviews are published!