Be a Gig Worker on the *Right* Side of the Next Tech Trend

Sep 13, 2019

We’ve written before about how tomorrow’s “gig economy” will be about how many gigabytes you share through your router.

And that’s a good thing — because regulatory trends are catching up with today’s gig economy.

Case in point: in California, some legislators are pushing to classify gig workers as employees. That means they get some additional social benefits — and are more costly for employers.

As that article points out, there are pros and cons on both sides of the issue. Some people prefer more flexibility and more money in their pocket.

Others like the stability that a chronically bankrupt state supposedly offers. OK, OK, we won’t get too political here :)

But whichever side of the issue you sit, one thing is clear: working in today’s gig economy is more complex than it used to be.

Take everybody’s favorite gig economy poster child, Uber. When it first launched, there weren’t really any regulations around the business because nobody really knew what to do with it. Sign up to be a driver and start earning. That’s it.

Today, Uber is in the regulatory crosshairs. It could be that you get classed as an employee when you drive an Uber whether you want to be an employee or not.

And don’t forget that some types of gig workers will probably get pushed out of the economy by robots and automation!

Anyway there are more issues involved now, and it looks like even more issues will be involved as these types of stories unfold around the world.

But the trend towards fighting “Big Bad Tech” is just starting to develop now. And with Hprox you’re on the right side of it

When you earn money sharing your IP connection to help other Hprox network users fight censorship and misdirection by Big Tech, you actually share an agenda with regulators.

Congrats! You’re on the right side of this one.

It’s impossible to say where these trends end up, but we’d say it is a good idea to join tomorrow’s gig economy today!

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